Make Donations

The Veterans Memorial at Chapel Hill Committee is now accepting donations. 

We now have Town Council concept approval and a site plan.  Our next step is to raise funds for this community project.  It is truly a gift of the people and community of Chapel Hill to our veterans.

Want to make a donation?  We have two types. 
  • Cash.  Cash donations can be made though this site.  You use a credit card. Link to the donations page and look for this button. 

All donations are made through the Friends of Chapel Hill Parks, Recreation, and Greenways foundation.

Consider a gift to fund the Veterans Memorial at Chapel Hill.  No gift is too large or too small.

Think about how you, as a veteran, private citizen, or corporation, can support our mission.  Please consider:
  • A corporate sponsorship
  • Memorial gift to recognize a family member or friend.
  • An endowment
  • A cash donation
  • A community service organization fundraiser to benefit the proposed memorial.
Most efforts by groups and organizations take time to organize and develop.  Now is the time to bring the question up at your next meeting.